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              Is it True That Airline Tickets Are Cheaper on Tuesday?

              Everyone has heard that buying airline tickets is cheaper on Tuesday. While that used to be true, more recent statistics suggest that when you plan to fly is actually more important than when you buy airline tickets.? That isn’t to say that buying an airline ticket on Tuesday won’t save ...[Read More]

              Is it True That All Calico Cats Are Female?

              To find out if all calico cats are female it’s best to consult with someone who knows about cat genetics.? Simply put, there are some male calico cats, but most often calico cats are female.? Why it’s this way is purely about numbers and how cat genes get passed down. Are all calico cats...[Read More]

              Is it True That Dogs Are Colorblind?

              People have believed that dogs are colorblind for years but is it really true?? Some researchers have been exploring exactly what dogs and other animals can see.? Does that mean that dogs are colorblind? No, but it turns out they do see the world very different than humans do. Why do people think th...[Read More]

              Is it True That Elephants Are Afraid of Mice?

              Why do people believe elephants are afraid of mice? Some say it’s because the image is a common sight in cartoons and other media. Often what viewers see is a large and mighty elephant cowering in the corner as a mouse scurries by.? It’s a funny picture, an animal weighing thousands of p...[Read More]

              Is it True That Dogs Have the Cleanest Mouths?

              We’ve all heard a dog lover tell us that dogs have the cleanest mouths.? It probably does make them feel better after getting slobbery kisses or sharing their cereal bowl with their furry friend – but it may not be true. Scientists have been on the case discovering and mapping the microb...[Read More]

              Is it True That Everyone Has a Twin?

              While obviously not everyone has an identical twin, according to experts, it could be true that everyone has a twin that at least looks just like them. We’ve all seen someone we have mistaken for someone else, and many of us have even been mistaken for another person.? The theory that everyone...[Read More]

              Is it True That Your Blood is Blue?

              Myths like this one are so strong even teachers believe that blood is blue.? No matter many people claim that blood is blue and regardless of what seemingly valid evidence they present, they are wrong.? It is not true that your blood, or any blood of a human is blue. Why do people think blood is blu...[Read More]

              Is it True That Opposites Attract?

              If you ask Paula Abdul, yes – it is true that opposites attract.? And many other people who have found love with their opposites would also agree.? In spite of the evidence, what we know about humans and our brain tells us that the truth about whether or not opposites attract is much more comp...[Read More]

              Is it True that Cats Have Nine Lives?

              As the old wives tale goes, cats have nine lives.? Is it really true that cats have 9 lives or is it just a myth passed down from generation to generation? The truth is – cats do not have nine lives.? Sadly, they are just as mortal as the rest of us and only have one life, that will inevitably...[Read More]

              Is Trump the Richest President?

              According to many sources, Donald Trump is the richest President in history.? Using all types of income to calculate worth, experts have estimated his net worth at 3.1 billion dollars as of Spring 2019.? This number is significantly lower than what the 45th President repeatedly boasts he is worth. U...[Read More]

              Is Trump German?

              Donald Trump is German – American. It wasn’t really something that many people were interested in knowing until his stance on immigration became apparent during his campaign; but the truth about Donald Trump being German soon came out. Trying to dig up dirt, many reports traced the histo...[Read More]

              Is Trump Being Impeached?

              It’s a question on everyone’s mind – Is Trump being impeached?? The answer isn’t as simple as one may think.? Some activist groups and Senators have been calling for Trump’s impeachment since his inauguration.? They have had several reasons to drag the real estate tycoo...[Read More]

              40 Rare Historical Photos You Probably Haven’t Seen Before

              There are some not-so rare historical photos that we’ve all seen over the years.? Shots like Marilyn Monroe with her skirt blowing up and the men with their lunch pails sitting on steel beams have become part of history.? Other lesser known shots like those shared in this article tell a timele...[Read More]

              40 Beautiful Vintage Photos We Can’t Look Away From

              Looking at beautiful vintage photos is a past time that many people hold near and dear to their heart.? It brings back memories from simpler times that may have not always been the most friendly.? While our history is dotted with both good and bad moments, it’s the whole of those experiences t...[Read More]

              40 Unbelievable Photos From History

              Some pretty bizarre things happened in the past and the 40 unbelievable photos from history in this article prove it.? Historical facts and battles won are often taught about in high school history classes, but rarely are the true stories shared.? Passed down from generation to generation, the stori...[Read More]

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